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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We corresponded to all wifi.

    Free Wifi is now available for all rooms.
  • About futon

    The futon is laid in the room beforehand for up to two people.Three or more futons are spread during dinner.
  • About Mount Hakodate, night view scenery

    Mount Hakodate bus that goes to Mount Hakodate is from the next tourist hotel.Please ask the front desk for details.
  • About the distance to Hakodate Arena

    Hakodate Arena is about 20 minutes on foot to Hakodate Arena.
  • About Massage · Beauty Salon

    There is no beauty salon at the hotel.Massage is accepted in the course of 40 minutes 3,700 yen.Please tell the front desk.
  • About T-Q-Bin (delivery service)

    T-Q-Bin (delivery service) can be issued from the hotel. Vouchers are available at the front desk.
    Also we will sell corrugated cardboard soContinue reading
  • About luggage before and after check-in

    We will keep your luggage at front desk before and after checkout.
    Please note that deposit of valuable items can not be done beforehand.
  • Tourist information

    We have a brochure available at the front desk.Also, if you can contact the front desk, we will investigate and will guide you.
  • Information on Surrounding Area

    We will inform you of the inquiries of hospitals, banks, post offices etc. at the front desk.
  • About convenience stores

    Because we have convenience store in 5 minutes on foot, we will inform you.
  • About pets

    We do not accept booking with pets accompanying us.
  • About change of meal content in case of allergies etc

    If you have a request to change to another dish by allergy etc, please contact us by the day before. Please acknowledge that it may not corrContinue reading
  • About baby bed rental

     We do not rent baby beds.
  • About children's yukata

    We have children's yukata available, but please contact the front desk as the size is limited. (There are things that size can not match andContinue reading
  • About the time of the bus bus and shuttle bus

    Please contact the front desk, we will investigate and will guide you.
  • About taxi arrangement

    We will arrange it at the front desk.
  • About parking lot

    There are 2nd and 3rd parking lots at the front and back of the hotel, we will show you at the front desk.
  • About sauna

    There is no sauna.
  • About the day-trip hot spring

     We do not go on a day-trip hot spring.
  • About furniture of the large public bath

    Rinse in shampoo · body soap in the large public bath, cleansing cream · Dryer · comb, razor, hairbrush, shower cap etc. · We are preparing.
  • About use hours of the public bath

    From 15 o'clock check ink until 24 o'clock (We are cleaning from 24 o'clock to 6 o'clock)
    From 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock
  • About karaoke

    Although there is no karaoke box, we will lend it to our group customers as requested, so please contact the front desk.
     (Because there areContinue reading
  • About vending machine

    We are installing on each floor.
  • About Amenity in Room

    yukata·A coat·bath towel·towel·Toothbrush set·
  • About unlimited drinks

    Please contact us at the front desk as we receive it for 2 hours 1,575 yen per person for reservations from groups of more than 10 people.
  • About the extent of the room

    21 m² Japanese-style room is at the center and the capacity of one room is 4 people.
  • About dinner time and breakfast time

    Dinner varies according to accommodation plan, so please contact the front desk.
    Breakfast is between 7 and 9 am.
  • About additional meals

    We will accept additional cuisine, please contact us by the day before. 
     (We may not be able to respond to your request by brewing etc.)
  • About pickup

    Hakodate will pick up more than 10 people only in Hakodate city, please contact the front desk for details.     (We may not be able to respoContinue reading

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