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A cuisine set meal that cherishes the seasonal seasons and abundantly uses the grace of the fresh sea.

A simple yet tasty dish that makes good use of the materials is popular.


  • ◎ Passion of "Four" cuisine

  • | Dinner |

    ※The contents will be changed according to purchase / season.

    << We are also doing lunchtime celebration and meal breakfast at the beginning of the meal >>
    Because it is a hotel operated by a ceremonial occasion merchant, we have abundant know-how to handle events at the milestones of life.Please use it for important family members' milestones.
    • ≡ Please enjoy a Japanese meal set with fresh ingredients (an example of Osakagaki) ≡

      1. Change of dish of vinegared things

      | Octopus carpaccio

      I. Build up

      | Seasonal seafood Three points Sheng

      I. pottery

      | Eggplant chicken Miso Takara

      One, Stuff

      | Hokkaido’s Whey Pork Shabu-Shabu

      1. fried food

      | Tempura of shrimp

      1. Steaming

      | Chawanmushi

      A bowl, Stuff

      | Fudge of Edamame and Somen

      One, food

      | Direct producer A special class A rice from Fukkurinko from Hokuto

      1. Vegetable pickles

      | Chief Chef Homemade pickles

      I. Sweets

      | Onuma Yamakawa Farm’s Special Soft Serve Ice Cream, *Contents vary according to time and purchase.
  • | Breakfast |

    Passionate breakfast with carefully selected materials.

    <menu> ※One case
    Salmon roasted / thick grilled egg / radish grated / hijiki / squid sashimi / miso soup / Hakodate Milk / coffee
    • ≡ Hakodate Specialty Squid Sashimi other Japanese set meals that are full of seasons ≡

      Breakfast time

      7: 00 to 9: 00

      About meal venue

      The meal venue closes at 9:00, so please come as soon as possible.

The story of the rice of Kahantei

Rice cooked in the morning and evening every day.Kahantei, we use Ono's "Fukkurinko” Kahantei Ono's "Fukkurinko” from Ono's "Fukkurinko”. It is brand rice of Hokkaido characterized by plump and soft sticky taste.This time I will introduce the passion of Kahantei rice.
  • Pick up fresh rice which has just been milled rice in small amounts

    As rice is polished from the state of brown rice, oxidation progresses with time and the taste goes down.For that reason, we have polished rice every Kahantei we order.Moreover, rather than placing large orders at once, orders are made little by little, and customers have tasted the fresh rice which has just been polished.
  • Just 16 km from Kahantei directly from producers with face

    The producer, Takaoka, has a vast paddy field in Hokuto City (Former Ono Town) and a full threshing, mashing, storage, and rice milling facility that handles everything from rice production to sales. It has been 25 years since I raised rice.The total area of the paddy field that has been gradually increased is 16 hectares, equivalent to 3.4 Tokyo Dome Domes.
    The water that is indispensable for making delicious rice is from the Kamiiso Dam. This water can produce good tasting rice, while cold water containing snow melting water will adversely affect the growth of rice if it is put in large amounts in paddy at once.Therefore, I look around the rice field several times a day and check the water temperature, it seems that the amount of water is fine-tuned.
  • Please enjoy the rice carefully made by the producers who can see the face with time and effort.

    Offer to customers in the most tasty fresh condition.This is the passion of Kahantei.

Chief Chef

  • Makoto Ishimura

    We hope to offer not only general cuisine but also local ingredients and dishes so that original dishes can be delighted to our customers.